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Build A Cash Generating WordPress Website Selling Leads To Businesses In Less Than 30 Days Using Local SEO

Local SEO Ranking
Alright – Let’s get started 
Build A Cash Generating WordPress Website Selling Leads To Businesses In Less Than 30 Days Using Local SEO 
Hey, I want to work with you

If you’re looking for a solid way to make extra online income, you’ve come to the right place.
…in just in the past year, I’ve dedicated my life to one thing and one thing only…
… Free Local Targeted Traffic!
The truth is – I’ve never paid a penny for traffic. And i’ve redefined my process on video so you can replicate the same.
Businesses will pay you money to bring them leads. Using Google, you can get leads for free
Now – how can this help you?
The Easiest Way
Have you ever wondered, how many people search Google everyday?
With that much traffic passing through a search engine, why are we ignoring it?
And this is not just ghost traffic, it is highly converting traffic …
We call it “commercial intent”, people on Google who are ready to buy
Don’t believe me? Here is data stating that, “72% of consumers who did a near me search visited the business within 5 miles
Google traffic simply is the highest converting traffic
And it is free.
Meaning you don’t pay for a visitor… ever
Why is this such a big opportunity?
Simply put, every business need traffic
Regardless of the business model…
With no traffic there are no sales
Have you ever noticed that most business owners know and understand SEO much more than paid ads?
You may have even gotten clients to message you saying so, like Salym did:
Businesses don’t want to have to chase leads …

You can even see data based on this on US spending alone for SEO services:

Why are businesses spending this much money on SEO?

Well, SEO actually works …

Paid advertising deprives local business. It forces you to:
– Seem desperate for customers
– Spend too much money
– Attract the wrong customers, “tire kickers”
It is because of those reasons that businesses are investing in SEO
No business should not have to rely on paid traffic

They need a predictable lead generation system in place
In fact, the average person see’s 500 advertisements per day
This is called “advertising clutter” (see image below)
This is not a predictable system…
Instead it is a money pit and often results in:
– Dissatisfied clients
– Unreasonable expectations
– Low paying retainers
You see SEO is like planting a seed and growing a large tree over time
Paid advertising is like filling a bucket of water with a giant hole at the bottom
You need to keep refilling the bucket to have water
Paid advertising is like having to go to the store to buy water bottles to have a drink of water
Organic gives you the ability to build a well full of water for you to bank on
I want to show you how to add an expert service that clients will pay money for
Getting Social Proof…
Businesses care about one thing


Regardless if you have fancy business cards, clothes, cars, or a fancy office … they want to see results
It is simply the reason as to why you’re not getting them to accept your offer because you have nothing to show
But I’m going to reveal to you how to get social proof fast even if you’ve never done SEO as a service…
Social proof where your customers will send you messages like this:
Here is how we built social proof  in less than a month for a plumbing website
Our goal was to rank ( – go ahead, make the search in Google and you’ll find the real website up and running.
Google loves website domains that have a lot of age. So, as a result you can purchase domains with age and previous SEO work done to them
For example, Naugatuck Plumbing was initially registered in 2016 so it had a few years of age
This is called an “expired”, or “expiring domain”
The example shown below is of our website Naugatuck Plumbing (in which I breakdown over the shoulder exactly what I did to rank that site later on).
In a short period of a month the website is ranking #1 on the maps and #3 in the search results for the target term.
But how much business does that website actually get?
In the first month of building out our website, it got 20 phone calls from the maps listing and website
With only $150 spent, we generated 20 calls…
That’s $7.50 per lead with no:
– Managing ads
– Changing copy over and over again
– Trying to find content for the ads
It just runs itself, 24/7
But my favorite part about the system is that all of the calls are recorded
So when I have a meeting with a potential client I can show them the call recordings of the leads coming in
Talk about a proof of concept …
Here is an example of the phone calls we’re currently getting on the Naugatuck Plumbing website:
Audio Player


Do you think a business owner would pay for your services after hearing a recorded call like that?

Of course they would!
But let me know you how a student did this without any experience 
Our student, Rey, started by registering a new domain called “connecticuthandymanservices”
Rey followed the system and quickly realized it was not hard to rank websites with the system
Rey recently posted this inside our private Facebook group about his sites success … all in 30 days time
Clients pay Rey to have the website up and running and he feeds them the leads …

This is one way you could go about this skill
But my next favorite, is client consulting….
Client Getting…
Getting your first few clients for your agency is really hard.

If you let it be
But when you have social proof, life get’s a lot easier
Think about it for a second…
Would you hire a first time surgeon to give you a heart transplant?
How about a dentist to do a root canale their first year into medical school?
If you’re transmission blew in your car would you take it to someone who just barely knows about cars?
If you’re thinking no… you’ve hit the nail on the head
People want experts
Experts with unique ideas and brass tactics
But you already know how to get social proof
Now how can you start getting clients?
My favorite strategy of all time, cold email…
Here is an example of how effective it works with our student Rey, you remember him right?
This strategy is very effective for getting clients simply for the fact your target customers are always on their phones.

Once the prospect responds to the email, we then send them a video audit that sounds looks like this (this is a real audit i’ve sent out):
In conjunction with email you can be using Linkedin to generate agency leads as well

We use the tool Jetbuzz

Throughout Linkedin automation you can get highly qualified prospects to mail you
This all works 24/7, without any management on my end
With agency sales you must always remember

Outflow = inflow

The more customers you can get in contact with the more sales opportunities you will have
But what if you don’t want to do outbound? Wouldn’t it be nice to have leads come to you?
This is possible with SEO, you can rank your own agency site
If you type in “Connecticut SEO”, you’ll notice my agency (DeveloMark) ranks at the top of Google
As a result, we get agency leads to actually come to us…

Pretty sweet deal huh?
You may actually be wondering, “is it possible to get a customer in 30 days or less to pay me for my services”?
The answer is yes
Hear From Our Students 
Join The Underground Today
Have Questions About The Program? 
Is there a refund for this product available? No, please do not purchase this product if you have a refund mentality. The information presented in this course can easily be worth $5,000. The information inside is what I paid more than $8,000 to learn and that course which is refrenced here. Is still worth $8,000. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE IF YOU CANNOT AFFORD THIS PRODUCT OR ARE A TIRE KICKER BECAUSE THERE IS A NO REFUND POLICY.
Who is this program for? This program is ideally from someone who has some disposable income to invest into a website and create content for the website. You’ll want to build an agency site and start getting customers that you could outsource. This way you’ll have more cash flow and just continue growing. My average time to rank my website was about 4 months. If you follow the steps, you can rank your website much faster. I recommend this course especially for anyone with a part-time/full-time job that needs a practical escape.
What does Ruan mean by feeding me leads? Our digital marketing agency (DeveloMark) recieves a ton of leads per month that we simply cannot service. As a student, you will recieve access to get a chance to handle agency leads we simply cannot service. We get leads because of the SEO that we perform on our own website as well as Ruan’s YouTube channel.
What does the program cover? The program covers how to generate traffic for a website and start a business around it without paying for any advertising or doing any of the SEO work. I show you over screen recordings how to buy a domain that already has SEO power to it, then how to develop a website and add SEO content onto your website so you can start to get clients. Ruan also shows you videos that he sends to clients breaking down exactly what he would do to rank their website. While you’re waiting for your SEO to build, you can start sending an email template that Ruan uses to generate new outbound leads for his business. The program also has an extensive addition on how to use Facebook ad’s in conjunction with the content marketing plan.
What do I get access to? Upon purchase of the course, you will recieve immidiate access to Ruan’s 50+ video library on how he brings massive results for him and his clients. You will also get access to the bonuses. The proposal and the video breakdowns are in the FB group that you will also get access to when you join.
What is SEO? SEO is the practice of ranking a website to higher position in Google. Because of the higher rankings, websites get more traffic. I’ll teach you exactly how to do this, and offer this as a service to small businesses in the area.
What does the course content cover? In the course, I cover the following topics:

– On-Page SEO (Complete on page optimization module)
– Off-Page SEO (White Hat Blogger Outreach / Link Building
– Content creation, optimization, distribution
– Press releases for SEO optimization
– Local Schema Markup for websites
– Youtube growth series
– Facebook retargeting series
– Advanced SEO strategies
– SEO Tools Training (ahrefs, semrush, majestic, buzzsumo)
– Getting SEO Clients to pay you (not your average strategies)
And much.. much.. more
Are you teaching local SEO? Local SEO is a little different then broad SEO. In the course Ruan shows you over the shoulder how to rank #1 in Google maps. Google maps rankings have different factors,
Do you teach “White Hat SEO”? Yes, all of the SEO strategies displayed in the course are evergreen. Meaning Google would never want to penalize a website that we have done work too. The reason being is we create content that is focused on the user. Google also needs the user to sell ads, so they will always show a search result that get’s the user to stay on the website the longest.
Why should I listen to you? There are a million+ other SEO ‘gurus’ out there. The bottom line is I walk the talk. I have real clients, and a very real strategy. I have real rankings for several keywords, have been featured in multiple publications on SEO, and am currently teaching a group of 1.5K students how to achieve their next level in marketing.
How are the videos in your course? Many people ask how are the videos in the course recorded? How I recorded this course is I set up a brand new domain, set up hosting for the website, design the website, add content to the website, and perform the proper SEO on the website all over the shoulder. The videos can range from 3-25 minutes. This is all content that I paid over $13,000 + to learn.
Are you actively creating content? Yes, as I learn I create. I am constantly testing out different things on my own website. Because of this, I always create new videos. The content library right now is huge, but it just keeps getting bigger and bigger.






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